Privacy Policy

Just Logistics Company Limited (“Company”) respects the right to privacy of the users of our website (“You”). To ensure that your personal information will be suitably protected, we would like to inform you about the data collection, record, storage, and the usage of your personal information (hereafter called “collection”), along with the deletion and destruction of your information as follows;

Objectives of the Personal Information Collection

To use for the evaluation, assessment, improvement, and development of our services and content on our website for the better website experiences among the investors.

To use for the communication of the Company’s news and updates through various channels such as email, social media, and phone call. Further, to use for business research such as conducting a data collection via questionnaires.

Your personal information will be recorded when;

You visit our website.

Your electronic devices using during your visit such as its IP address or other device identifier

Type and version of your browser

Your time zones

You contact our Company or subscribe to get news and updates from us. The following information will be recorded.

Your electronic devices using during your visit such as its IP address or other device identifier

Your contact details such as phone number or email.

You decide to give your personal information to us, or allow other third parties, such as other website provider, to send your personal information to us. The Company will have to record your personal information in accordance to the objectives mentioned above.

Cookies and Other Related Technologies

Our Investor Relations website has implemented Cookies for personal data collection as determined by Cookies Policy.

Duration of the Personal Information Retention

The Company shall record only necessary information mentioned in this policy which might subject to change in accordance with the revised version of this policy, or as prescribed by laws such as Tax law, Labor law, or until the users revoke their permission given to the Company.

The Deletion and Destruction of Personal Information

When there is no necessary to keep the users’ personal information, the Company will delete and destruct the information from the system and records unless the laws specified otherwise.

Rights of Website Users

The Company will keep your personal information until you make a request to revoke the permission, for example, if you want to unsubscribe our website or delete Cookies, you can make a request to us.

Privacy Notice

You can see our Privacy Notice by visiting Privacy Notice

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